Signature Flavors

What Our Clients Say

Always tempted to buy this when I visit bugis. Their classic cinnamon one is really good! Great staff service who spoke in a very polite manner and encouraged me to get more baked goods today. Thank you for recommending some of the flavours as I did not know which to get for my family members. Great to share my joy of these goods at home.

I walked past this stall so many times but never bought cos I was scared it would be too sweet. But I finally tried it, and bought the cinnamon rolls with choc frosting. It was so delicious and just nice sweetness!! Wish I tried earlier !

Couldn’t make up my mind so I ended up picking the one labeled Star Seller. Immediately regret not getting more! Bun was so fluffy and the cheese topping was so good with a balance of sweetness and a tinge of saltiness. Will be back to try the other flavours!